I Hope This Isn’t A Window to Your Soul

ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo.

This is the perfect example of life without Christ. The trailer doesn’t resolve the issue but it does expose our humanistic thinking. We cannot look to others, we cannot look to nature, we cannot look to ourselves and we cannot even look to the good things of this life to find what we truly need. I appreciate the fact that the filmmakers pointed to the one constant thing, the sun and by it the Creator of the universe. As the sun rising brought a semblance of hope and stability and confidence, it proved to be insufficient as it should be only a testimony to something greater.

She did find love and love is indeed a testimony to the Author of love just as the sun is, but without an explanation of just Who it is that designed love, defined it and created its parameters we’ll become addicted to it as it is insufficient to meet our needs. It is more important rather that we learn what it is to work out our salvation with fear and trembling because we know there is an author of something greater and that is faith. That is precisely why so many are caught in an endless cycle of looking for love in all the wrong or even right places. We should be looking not to love so much as we should be looking to the Author of faith.

The breakdown of the family doesn’t have to be this ugly to reveal ghastly error. ReMoved exposes an extreme in godlessness as well as an extreme if hopelessness. While it exposes really obvious problems it ought to make us think; we who live outside such extremes.

It is not good enough when we face trials to say, “At least ours aren’t as bad as theirs.” While it might be true it exposes that we’ve much more thinking to do about our lives. Our circumstances, our provision, our friendships, our jobs, our churches aren’t enough to suffice. If life is good for us we might not seem so desperate for help and hope as what we’ve just seen here. There is deception in this which could lead to a wasted life. We can surf along on the buzz we get off all these good things. If we have love, if we’re provided for, we think we’re fine. But this is also broken. Extremely broken. All the things of this world, even good things are nothing compared to Him. Without Him there is no real hope. We cannot enjoy good things to the fullest and steward good things well if we do not understand Who comes first. Should the day come that all these things are taken away, will we struggle like the family in the video, will our gracelessness show, and will we feel justified? Or will we have the wherewithal to live godly in Christ Jesus no matter the circumstances?

“What is it that we root our hope and our thinking in?” 

Even in a “good” “functional” family life the mere absence of any reference to God or a corrupt teaching of God leaves children with no hope or ability to reason clearly, with nowhere to truly ground their thoughts but in the things of this world. We are no better off than the child featured in ReMoved if we live this way. As we build our worldview and seek to ground our thinking, all that is available are the millions of corrupt philosophies, fleshly impulses, and the state to guide our thinking and actions.

It was once understood that godless upbringing and education was abuse minus the stripes. It is very much an evil to equip a child with know-how, capability, and the ability to navigate through life with means and connections but entirely without God. It’s very possible to make a “success” out of a child and leave his soul damned to Hell.

“Add now the third fact, that every man is born in a state of alienation from God; that practical enmity and atheism are the natural outgrowth of this disposition; that the only remedy for this natural disease of man’s spirit is gospel truth. The comparison of these truths will make it perfectly plain that non-Christian training is but literally an anti-Christian training” (emphasis his). -Robert L. Dabney

There is only one place too look for hope, for needs, for understanding, for the provision of this life and eternity. The video is well done, as it exposes the psychology of an abused child. The inside and the outside are made plain. But it fails to go all the way just as we do every day by the distractions of our many comforts and provision. It is no wonder we are seeing such apostasy.

Of Psalms 34:5 Matthew Henry writes:

They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.

When we look to the world we are darkened, we are perplexed, and at a loss; but, when we look to God, from him we have the light both of direction and joy, and our way is made both plain and pleasant. These here spoken of, that looked unto God, had their expectations raised, and the event did not frustrate them: Their faces were not ashamed of their confidence.

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