Putting Sex Back In Sex Education, Home Education.

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Many great points here. For those who homeschool, there are fewer takeaway points as you’re going to teach the truth at home and instantly remedy much of what is being proposed here. Putting sex back in sex-ed isn’t enough. Putting sex-ed back in the home, taking it out of schools is a further point you understand.

For those who are utilizing government schooling, well, here’s the reality of what you’re allowing your children to be taught; the very convoluted worldview of the delegated authority.

She’s right. Girls  and Boys aren’t equal sexually. It’s surprising the contrary presupposition, an obvious lie, can even be foisted upon us.

A universal sex-ed program isn’t the solution. Common Core proves that. Government schooling is a major part of the problem as is Hollywood. Realizing that taking back the role of teacher from the Government will decrease everyone’s taxes is a great reason not to discuss reforming sex-ed. Agreeing that a universal solution is needed, that the nation across the board needs a sound message that includes biblical purity, pro-life, sound teaching on God’s creation of man and woman according to His design is a great place to start.

Moral law ought to be observed everywhere. She’s right on that point. Feminism corrupted our understanding of sexuality. She’s right on that point too. Lets pray she applies it. If you didn’t know already the author is a homosexual. Freedom to create homosexual support groups is obviously a failed conclusion as is reformed government education of sex-ed.

Sex education has triggered recurrent controversy, partly because it is seen by religious conservatives as an instrument of secular cultural imperialism, undermining moral values. It’s time for liberals to admit that there is some truth to this and that public schools should not promulgate any ideology. The liberal response to conservatives’ demand for abstinence-only sex education has been to condemn the imposition of “fear and shame” on young people. But perhaps a bit more self-preserving fear and shame might be helpful in today’s hedonistic, media-saturated environment.

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