Wendy’s Launches New Campaign to Promote Adoption in US

So glad to read this today. The fruit of compassionate capitalism. Wendy’s works to build strong families through adoption.

A new Wendy’s campaign will highlight the company’s commitment to adoption.

The fast food chain began its initial advocacy work in this area after founder Dave Thomas, who was himself adopted, started the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in 1992. The company has promoted adoption over the years through “a little bit of soft advertising,” primarily by placing donation coin boxes at its registers.

Wendy’s is launching a new campaign to encourage more Americans to adopt.

“There are somany children waiting to be adopted and so many in foster care right now. Some are fortunate and have good situations, at least temporarily, but longer term if they don’t find a home, many of these young people age out of the foster care system and become adults with really no families and no support systems. It’s heartbreaking,” Barker said.

Barker added that he believes Wendy’s has the capacity to educate thousands more Americans about the reality of the country’s adoption and foster care system.

“We’re doing everything we can to raise awareness, said Barker. “Of course, with our 6,000 restaurants, we certainly have the reach to be able to touch individuals clearly at our retail location. But we also have the platform with a big well-respected brand to tell people about this.”

As part of this campaign, the company will be selling $1 Frosty Key Tag, whose proceeds will promote the Dave Thomas Foundation — and give consumers milkshake discounts throughout the summer. Thomas’ daughter, Melinda Look, better known as the namesake of the restaurant, Wendy, will appear in commercials for the restaurant.

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