Kids React to Gay Marriage

Editor’s Note: This video contains homosexuals proposing to each other and public displays of affection. It contains children using the Lord’s name in vain as part of their reaction to homosexuality. It contains evidence that the homosexual agenda has brainwashed and bound the consciences of little children to their putrid ideals. We have a lot of work to do to defend marriage for generations to come.

3 thoughts on “Kids React to Gay Marriage

  1. I did not watch the video as I am exposed constantly to the gay agenda daily at work. I work with three gay men, who, even though they are really nice guys, are still homosexuals. None of them have children, but one of them has a “step-grandson” who is four years old and sometimes stays with them.
    My sister is an elementary school teacher and sees a lot of this. This causes so much emotional trauma for the children. There are many lesbian couples that get into bitter fights that the children witness, and are emotional wrecks when they go to school. When I was a kid, the teachers were there to teach and sometimes give a caring ear to home problems. Now, they are the only stable influence for many of these children. My heart goes out to the innocent children in these situations and I pray that God will change our nation back to the God-fearing, Christ honoring country that we once were. As a family, we do our best by living our Christian life, we homeschooled two of our three sons and attend church. Sadly, I remember James Dobson speaking about the homosexual goal of forcing us to accept their lifestyle, including marriage and adoption, and that they were going to infiltrate the Boy Scouts in the early 1990’s and I thought he was crazy. I even lived in the San Francisco Bay area at that time. We have been like the frog in the pan of water on the stove that he referenced in “Dare to Discipline”. I am afraid that the water is already boiling and it may be too late to jump out.


  2. I just watched the video. Wow. I already knew that children were being brainwashed, but to see how it progresses as they age was disturbing. Some of the reactions of the younger/ youngest children were telling. Even when they said later, “It’s okay to be gay”, their body language when watching the videos was saying the opposite. The older the children were acting like it was all sunshine and rainbows (pun intended), but even they didn’t fully believe everything they were saying. They were regurgitating what they’d been taught. You could see it in their eyes. Another point was that they were mentioning “religion” and the Bible as being synonymous with “hating gays”. Children are being brainwashed against Christians and Christianity all while being brainwashed to think that homosexuality is normal. The youngest children knew there was something wrong with “boys marrying boys, and girls marrying girls”, but they couldn’t articulate what or why; they just knew it was “weird”. Interestingly, the questions that were asked of the children made it sound like homosexuals just want to be “accepted”. Very dangerous. The children were not given facts, but instead were asked “how would you feel” type questions. A nation that follows its “feelings” instead of an actual standard (i.e. God’s standard) can not stand.
    Sorry I’ve been long winded. =) To clarify, I’ve met/ know people who were/ are homosexual and don’t hate them. They are usually very nice people. All I can do is pray for them and try to be an example of Christ. Just as we don’t want them pushing their agenda, they don’t appreciate Christians that try to “push” Christianity on them. We need to show them Christ, not just talk about Him. If we follow God’s ways, He will draw others to Himself through us. =)


  3. I had the same observations as MrsDanny. The younger children were a lot more honest about how they felt, saying “this is new”, “that’s just crazy!”, or simply wondering “a boy marrying a boy?”. The older ones responded with phrases like “a lot of people are so anti-gay [but] it’s normal now”, or “you can’t tell another person who to marry!”, or “they were born that way”. Clearly, these are not their own words or feelings, but things they have learned to say because they hear them repeatedly. We hear these all the time, and it’s expected that the older, more PC kids would repeat them rather than answering the question honestly based on their true feelings. We DO have a lot of work to do to defend Biblical marriage, and a lot of work to do to teach children to defend the truth they believe in rather than taking the path of least resistance and conforming.


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