Why Are You Planning To Do That?

I am not surprised when sinners sin. I don’t expect people who are apart from Christ to act as if they were united in love to Him, people who are ignorant of spiritual realities to be wise, or people who are slaves to sin to freely pursue righteousness.

It’s really no surprise at all when the woman in Aisle 9 yells at her kids and the college students next door throw a drunken party. It would be remarkable if they did otherwise.

Having been dead myself, I can recognize that pitiful condition when I see it. And I don’t berate a corpse for failing to look lively.

But, every so often, someone I know slightly—neighbor, co-worker, fellow grocery-store-shopper, mom at the playground—actually asks me to cheer for their plans to sin.

“Guess what? I’m getting an apartment with my boyfriend next week!”

“My husband and I just aren’t compatible anymore, and I’m filing for divorce. I’m excited to get on with my life!”

“My same-sex partner and I are getting married!”

It’s obvious the person is looking for congratulations. But I can’t do that.

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One thought on “Why Are You Planning To Do That?

  1. I liked this article but I think asking “why” can open a can of worms. You would have to be ready for a confrontation at that point. No matter what we say, I think these people will feel judged and perhaps even turned off from Christianity. I could be wrong, but that is how this has played out in my own family when I have brought up why and said maybe they want to rethink that decision.


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