Rachel Held Evans has a rude awakening

Mareen Fischinger Compfight CC
Mareen Fischinger Compfight CC

This is one reason there was such confusion and misunderstanding in the World Vision flap. It was not, as RHE and many others mistakenly claimed, “financial pressure from evangelicals” which forced the change of decision. A confidential inside source has told me that what really happened was that a small liberal faction in one corner of leadership tried to leverage the current political climate to pull a coup within the organization. They gained a lot of support immediately from the liberal media, and liberals like RHE shouting with glee, but the majority of the leadership reacted quickly, regained control, and squashed the coup.

It was internal pressure, not external as much, that righted World Vision.

Christians need to understand, and will probably hear shortly, that World Vision is a massive international organization with offices in over 100 countries and over 50,000 employees. The decision to support homosexual relationships did not come for World Vision as a whole, but only World Vision U.S., the US branch. And only a small fraction of those in leadership in that one branch pulled this stunt. They were out of line, they were wrong, and they got corrected.

And now they have outed themselves to the world as not evangelicals, but the liberals they are. And the great thing about it is that they smoked out Rachel Held Evans along with them. Let them rendezvous and enjoy they’re little party in the wilderness.

Now all that remains is for evangelicals to seize this opportunity. Grasp it, use it, manufacture more like it, and send every crypto-liberal running.

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One thought on “Rachel Held Evans has a rude awakening

  1. Picking on her by herself seems a little pointless here. I’m more worried by the many people who suddenly stopped sponsoring needy children because they disapproved of the US branch’s choice.


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