Discussion on Patriarchy and Theocracy with Kevin Swanson & Dave Buehner

Patriarchy and Theocracy. Are they nasty words or great ideas? Listen to Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner discuss concerns about patriarchy and theocracy.

Here’s a snippet:

Kevin: And let’s look at patriarchy problems. Now, this woman started elucidating the problems relating to the folks that maintain a patriarchal view of things. She developed some of the problems. She says, “Hey, these people come into the church and they just kinda mess things up and they are divisive. They don’t want to submit to the elders in the church. They disrupt the worship service, they you know, on, and on, and on…” I thought to myself, “That is not the patriarchy movement. That’s the rude worshipper movement. That is the refusal to submit to elders movement.” That is certainly not a biblical movement.

Dave: That is Autonomy Anonymous.

Listen the the rest here.

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