Five Reasons Not to Put Your Children in Public School

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Every bit of this is remedied by homeschooling. Can be done and has been done and done well. If when you look around you see the norm and this article describes it, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. If you’re unfamiliar with homeschooling, how to make the transition from public school, worried about the outcome and how to handle it, well there are plenty of resources and plenty of help and plenty of experience to draw from. Don’t let any excuse be your excuse for leaving your kids in public school.

Here’s number two because it seems to me to be the most obvious even if you’re not a christian. Dead kids don’t unwrap Christmas presents you bought them. There’s no wedding to plan in their future nor the joy of grandchildren. Make the obvious choice, homeschool.

Two: Public schools have become dangerous places

They are dangerous philosophically, as we’ve already mentioned but they can be, in addition, dangerous physically.  Public schools have now been used as the location for random mass shootings with increasing frequency around the country.  Your “oops” may be too late.  It can happen anywhere.  Homeschooled children are not in graves made by mass violence—because they are not corralled in public areas, caged like sitting ducks.  Because of ever-possible lurking dangers, even en route to schools, parents around the US now routinely personally escort their children to the front doors of their schools.  Gone are the days of letting your children walk a mile to school in the big cities, like many used to do in the good old days.  In addition, schools are now routinely, daily, locked tight—i.e., the windows don’t open and all the doors except those at the front entrance are locked—showing that the school’s personnel themselves are afraid of what could happen.  And to make matters worse, teachers are unarmed.  They don’t carry guns—so in contrast to a public mall where someone might be carrying a concealed weapon and could in a moment protect the whole place against a crazy man/teenager shooter—schools are not so armed and haven’t a prayer.  They are defenseless.  Your child is safer in your own home.

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