How to Teach Children Godly Character

“Hi June, I need help teaching my children to have godly character. I am new to parenting and not sure where to start or how to begin. Do you recommend any resources that I can use that won’t overwhelm me and are easy to use?”

I get messages like this all the time. In fact, I am always on the lookout to teach my children as well and like your home our home also always seems like it is always a work in progress.

First, I must say the greatest example that you can give your children as far as character is the Word of God and your example. Nothing will speak louder to them than these two most important and vital points. Without these teaching can go in one ear and swiftly out the other. So remember to always show and exhibit to your children the way they should go–then also remember to pray because without God’s help our efforts can be futile.

Secondly, do not grow weary. You might not see a change right away. In fact, in make take a very long time. But the key is not to get discouraged and place your trust in the Lord. Just continue to do your part, keep planting seeds, and teaching away because that is your responsibility towards God and no one elses.

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One thought on “How to Teach Children Godly Character

  1. The Character Traits Coloring Book is another good resource for teaching character. There is a catchy song to listen to (on the accompanying CD) for each of the 48 character traits, in addition to a coloring page of an animal demonstrating the character trait. There is a memory verse, and also a simple object lesson that uses things you already have in your house to effectively drive a point home. I find it’s great for internalizing character in the children I work with. You only need one copy, because it comes with permission to make photocopies for all your children or Sunday school class.


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