Israel Wayne on Grace for the Imperfect


This article is so very good.

This article is for the doormat who lives in a shell in order to survive the belittling, abusive manipulation of a out of control man, who has criticism, condemnation,  and the perpetual pouring out of hopelessness wringing in her ears and yet she still wants to hope and looks for the horizon and the promised land.

It’s for stay-at-home daughter who didn’t take the easy road (feminism and independence) and who doesn’t know how to answer, “So what do you do at home? Or why aren’t you living up to the glamours social standards of the homeschool movement?” because she’s so busy pouring her every extra minute and all her spare energy into studying the Christian faith in the hopes maintain Christianity in her family line, keeping the peace when wars break out in her broken family,  praying the persecution will stop and that her father will come to the end of himself and kneel before the cross of Christ. There are some adult women who don’t even see the ministry and call to stay with the unbelieving and she’s given up her best years, for Christ.

It’s for the son who man’s up and sets out and find his own way long before all his peers because he’s a first generation Christian who longs for what seems to be a luxury his peers benefit from as they grow up knowing and experiencing  nothing other than Christ-centered family relationships.

This is for the daughter who is sick and bedridden in her later years which threaten to eat up her chance at marriage and children or the mother who wonders who will teach her children in the ways of righteousness after she is gone now that she has the terminal diagnosis.

This is the single mother who doesn’t know how to balance and provide filling the needs of both mother and father. This is for the father who woke up one day and realized he has lead his family astray and stays the course of fatherhood taking every humbling the Lord brings him.

This is for people who know that life is not all about them. Who aren’t too proud to use what little means the Lord lays out for them, over living their own life on their own terms.

Name your problem. Name your imperfection. This is for those who love and understand the value of eternity and the work of Christ over the things of this world.

From Israel Wayne

I was sitting on the platform of a Christian parenting conference looking out over the audience. This was one of those end-of-the day “Q&A” sessions where all of the exhausted main speakers field questions and try to think on their feet. One of the other speakers had the microphone and was replying to a question by waxing eloquent about the wonderful virtues of fathers being leaders in their homes.

His general synopsis was that if dads would not get involved in leading their wives and children, and take seriously their responsibility to raise their own children, we could expect to see an entire generation of young people go off the deep-end spiritually and morally. He cited statistics of what happens to young people who are raised in homes where the dad is not actively involved in their lives. He raised the issue of the breakdown of the American family and how divorce was wrecking havoc on young lives. He stated how children are much more likely to be involved in violent crime, experience unwed pregnancies, experience domestic abuse in their marriages, get divorced themselves, and on and on, if the parents are divorced and/or the father is not actively leading the family.

It was a rather surreal moment for me. Knowing that the microphone would soon be passed to me for my comment, my head was spinning. I found myself wanting to nod my head in approval and shake it in protest all at the same time. On the one hand, he was so right.

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