Help the Hurting

We have three stories today for your consideration and prayer. The first one came to us by way of a faithful reader who is reaching out to the Christian community on behalf of her friend Sarah Gilmore Summers.

sgs2Sarah is a 31-year-old wife and mother of 3 young children: Gabriel (8), Christian (6) and Claire(4). She is a devoted Christian and homeschool mom. Her husband, Jimmy works as a plumber in their community of Ozark, MO.



On January 7, 2014, she experienced seizures, a stroke, and was diagnosed with a tennis ball sized tumor in the right frontal lobe of her brain. She was initially told it was inoperable, but one surgeon was willing to try. He was able to remove a large portion but could not reach the tentacle-like extensions that reach deep into her brain. The surgery left her face paralyzed on one side and has affected her speech, but miraculously, no other residual effects. Pathology returned a diagnosis of a grade 3 astrocytoma and she was given a prognosis of 3-10 years with aggressive treatment. Sarah began a combination of daily chemotherapy and radiation on March 26, 2014 and will continue for the next 6 weeks. ”
The Summers family is trying to raise 1 million dollars for her medical expenses.

The charitable site set up for Sarah can be found here.


Our next story comes from Arkansas. The Tittle Family of suffered devestating loss last night as their Arkansas home was hit by a tornado. Rob, the father, Tori and Rebekah, two of their daughters, went to be with the Lord. Their homes was completely destroyed and they lost everything.

The Tittles are a dear Christian homeschool family. Their Church has established a relief fund accepting donations, Walmart and Target Cards.

Bible Church of Little Rock
19111 Cantrall Road
Little Rock, Ar 72223
Attn: Tittle Emergency Fund


Finally, we have Connor Moran. Suffering from debilitating Crohn’s disease, at 22 years old Connor has endured endless hospitalizations, Endoscopies, Colonoscopes, and bowel resections. Connor has suffered for years a the hands of conventional treatment and has been left with a disease that is unabated and a body twisted and racked with chronic pain.
Connor has further endured gastric feeding tubes and a full hip replacement. Last year he received a custom CNC back brace to stave the progressive curvature of his back. The curvature in his back prevents him from sleeping straight, he has to sleep sitting upright. The brace did not work at all, it started to hurt his hip bones, so Connor didn’t wear it anymore.
Connor’s faith in God, and his family are the driving force behind his fight. After trips spanning from NY, MA and VT and a recent plea to the  Spine Center of Huston TX, Connor was offered help in Tn.

Connor’s family picked up and moved to Tennessee last winter with much help from people reaching out to make his trip possible, allowing them pursue their hopes to get help to save Connor’s life.

Connor has been working with Dr. Bernui of, his family has found home (not handicapped equipped unfortunately) and have been reunited recently. You can follow Connor’s story here and make donattions for his needs.


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