Government Concerned About Cost of Family Breakdown

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Government is finally giving attention to the economic ramifications of family breakdown.

According to an article reported in The Daily Telegraph, the Government plans to have midwives, GPs, and registrars talk to couples about their relationships in an effort to minimize family breakdown.

After talking with couples, these Government workers will encourage couples to seek additional support services. The Government might also suggest that employers make these support services more accessible to employees.

Government plans build on a report launched last year, titled theFamily Stability Review. This report gathers information about the change in families and the areas in which they are most at risk. Two of the proposed sessions would be aimed at parents with small children and at “silver-splitters,” older couples who separate before they reach retirement age.

In an article to the Telegraph earlier this year, Lord Freud, the welfare minister, asserted that families needed to be stabilized after finding out that the number of unmarried parents raising children has increased dramatically.

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