The Simple Cook


Pinterest is driving me insane.


Between the food artistry “pinned” and available for anytime viewing and the large variety of food blogs at my disposal – I’m going nuts.

I believe in food.

I mean… I really do love food.

But there is something about having to get dinner on the table every night that takes my food level involvement to a point of saturation.

And that doesn’t include breakfast, lunch, and in-between snacks.

I know what some of you are thinking: meal planning is the answer to all my woes. I’ve done that too, and let me tell you, after awhile… even the planning can get monotonous.

Yes. I want to feed my family well.

Yes. I want to keep them showing up to the table in anticipation of what’s-for-dinner.

Yes. I want to give the people I love food to eat that’s good to them and good for them.

But can I just say what I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking? Mealtime can be an ongoing, overwhelming and inescapable responsibility.

So I’ve made a decision: I’m keeping it simple. At least for awhile… I’m taking the easy road.

Spaghetti, salad, toast (the toaster kind not the fancy garlic bread)

Beans and rice.

Stuff like that.


Because a simple non-stressed mom is better than a gourmet stressed-out mom.

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