What Should an Abused Spouse Do?

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As much as we hate to admit it, spouse abuse happens, even among families who are in the Church. There are very few people who want to write on this topic, so it makes it very difficult for Christian women who find themselves in an abusive situation. I am going to attempt to address this topic, even though I know that my attempt will be imperfect.

While it is less common, some men are abused, even physically, by their wives as well. I’ll be primarily speaking to women in this article, but many of the principles can also apply to men who are abused.

There are different types of abuse: Emotional, Psychological (Mental), Spiritual, Physical, Sexual, and Financial. Often these categories overlap. My primary focus in this essay will be on the issue of physical abuse. That is not to in any way deny the severity of the other kinds of abuse, nor is it to imply that they are less important or even less damaging than physical abuse, but they are more subjective and more difficult to prove through a legal process, and therefore solutions become more difficult.

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One thought on “What Should an Abused Spouse Do?

  1. Thank you for sharing this. As a domestic abuse survivor, abuse is often misunderstood. We need more education about this topic. I do want to point out that in some states, if a women moves into a safe house, she legally cannot take the kids with her unless she has already filed divorce papers. Once divorce papers are filed, the kids stay with the adult mentioned in the paperwork as the custodial parent until the first court date. I did not want a divorce but I needed to be safe (a gun was involved more than once). Filing for divorce does not mean you have to go through with it. But without it, the husband can claim the children were taken from their home without his consent and they can be removed from the mother’s custody even if she is living in the safe house. This happened to a mother who was living in the safe house at the same time I was. She was not even allowed visitation because the husband claimed she would leave with the children again. Some states allow for the filing of separation papers rather than divorce papers. There should be a better solution to legally protect women and children without having to file for divorce just to be safe.


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