Flirting with Sexual Sin


Tonight, my Beloved showed me a video she found online called the Evolution of Beauty(see video below). It begins with a plain-looking young lady with no makeup sitting down at a mirror. Then time speeds up as make-up artists and hair-stylists work their “magic” for what seems like hours: painting her face, highlighting her eyes, concealing her freckles, hiding blemishes, teasing her hair and making her “picture perfect.” Well, not quite…

After several hands transform the young lady into a super-model look, the camera flashes and the photo is shown on a computer monitor. Here graphic artists put on the finishing touches: making her neck longer, her hair fuller, her lips pouty-er, her cheekbones higher, and her eyes bigger. Now she’s picture perfect… and completely fictional.

Read the rest here.

One thought on “Flirting with Sexual Sin

  1. Yes, the feminists have been complaining about this sort of thing for years, and quite rightly too. Youtube has many more examples of this sort of thing (caution: some discretion advised, though).


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