Home-schooling parents rally against Common Core as effort to end controversial measures grows

megan king

The backlash against the Common Core is growing as home-schooling and other parents increasingly demand the end of the controversial education standards.

The anti-Common Core forces scored a victory last week when Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation to repeal the rules in her state.

Home-schooling mothers like Jenni White are often leading the charge, becoming a frequent presence at legislative hearings and other political functions.White, president of Restore Oklahoma Public Education, helped organize rallies, robo calls and letters to legislators encouraging the repeal.

‘You name it. We had to do it,’ White said. ‘We just had to do it out of a shoestring budget out of our own accounts.’

Home-schooling parents can teach their kids what they choose, but many of these parents still have a big beef with the standards.

Facebook groups such as ‘Home Schooling Without Common Core’ have popped up. A Home School Legal Defense Association produced video on the standards has been viewed online hundreds of thousands of times.

‘All parents should be concerned about this. This is our children. To me, it’s not political,’ said Megan King of Lawrence, Kansas. She pulled two of her three sons out of their public elementary school, in part, because of the math standards, and she co-founded Kansans Against Common Core.

The standards, adopted in more than 40 states and the District of Columbia, spell out what math and English skills public school students should master at each grade. They were pushed by governors concerned that too few graduates were ready for life after high school.

Use of the standards has become a hot button issue in many states, and governors in Indiana and South Carolina recently signed legislation repealing them. The issue has pitted Chamber of Commerce-aligned Republicans with grassroots conservatives, including many home-schooling parents.

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