Premature Births Have Skyrocketed Since the Legalization of Abortion

It is one of those obvious connections I cannot comprehend the world not seeing. Actually, liberals, media, and feminists are covering it up, which is why the rest of the world can’t see it. They’re not being told.

At least 59 studies to date confirm that forcibly opening a woman’s cervix to commit an induced abortion can lead to an incompetent cervix for subsequent births. Even without studies to back that fact up, it’s just common sense.

Abortion rate Detroit related to preemie rate

Live birth less than 37 weeks Detroit - abortion preemie rate related

Other known medical conditions than can lead to premature births and may be related to abortioninclude “uterine adhesions, infection, mental stress, increased maternal age, and substance abuse,” quoting births have skyrocketed since the legalization of abortion in the U.S. in 1973. According to the American Association of Pro-Life Gynecologists and Obstetricians:

Premature birth (birth before 37 weeks) has increased 27% since 1981. In 2007 the premature… rate in America was 12.6% of all live births (and over 17% of all African-American births).

prematurebabyWith all that in mind, read this maddening, heartbreaking June 10 Bloomberg article:

While infant mortality fell for decades across the U.S., progress bypassed Detroit, which in 2012 saw a greater proportion of babies die before their first birthdays than any American city, a rate higher than in China, Mexico and Thailand. Pregnancy-related deaths helped put Michigan’s maternal mortality rate in the bottom fifth among states. One in three pregnancies in the city is terminated.

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One thought on “Premature Births Have Skyrocketed Since the Legalization of Abortion

  1. To those who say abortion has no lasting physical effect on women: Find an apple tree with apples still green and adhering tightly to the branch; forcibly tear the apple away from the branch. See how you take a strip of living bark and cambium, the layer just below the bark that contains the tree’s vascular system, with the fruit because the stem was not ready to detach on its own? You have scarred the tree for the rest of its life. That particular portion of the branch will likely never again bear fruit because the circulatory system of the tree is damaged at that point. The womb is damaged the same way with the placenta is torn away before it is ready to detach and a scar remains.


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