George Will Vilified for Questioning Campus “Rape Culture”


According to Vice President Joe Biden twenty percent of college women will be sexually assaulted over the course of their college life. Walk onto any college campus, and one out of every five women you see either has been or likely will be the victim of rape during her college years.

Can you believe it? Well, if not, you aren’t the only one who’s skeptical. George Will recently landed himself in a hotbed of controversy by daring to question the accuracy of these statistics. In the aftermath of the public outcry, his column was canceled by the St Louis Post-Dispatch. Will’s column will continue to be syndicated nation-wide. In some respects it was encouraging to see that the campaign to vilify Will accomplished so little. It’s still unfortunate that pressuring conservatives to shut up now seems to many like the obvious way to deal with uncomfortable views.

Was he right to suggest that campus rape is, if not a non-issue, at least far less rampant than suggested? Will offers some useful analysis on the statistics, but if those don’t convince you, think about it this way. If young women really believed they stood a twenty percent chance of being raped, would their parents continue sending them off to college? Or would they opt for a safer and more sensible online college experience? If indeed they were determined to brave the four-year college, the sensible thing would be to petition universities to issue concealed carry permits, while offering classes in defensive firearm use. I suspect that would prove quite an effective deterrent for your average drunken frat boy.

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