Marrying before 30 ain’t all that bad


It’s funny – with most things these days, we want it immediately. That new movie that’s out, Facebook notifications, those clothes we bought online. The only thing we seem happy to wait for is marriage, as made clear by a recent article titled “5 Good Reasons Why You Should Wait Until You’re 30 to Get Married” by a certain Paul Hudson at Elite Daily.

Well I don’t think we should wait that long. Sure, not everyone will meet their future spouse until that age or later, and that’s fine. But if you’ve found a great person and the only reason you’re not hitched is because you’re still in your twenties, that’s a problem.

So Mr. Hudson came up with five reasons not to get married until 30 (listed below). Let me refute those for you:

You barely know yourself

Sure, you barely know yourself and sure, you’ll probably change over the next few years. But this is not limited to an age group – I’m pretty sure I’ve met a lot of much older people with those characteristics. Plus I think we all know many successfully married couples who got married long before 30.

On another note, changing and growing as a person does not have to be done excluding all other people – if the right person is in your life, they should be helping you to develop for the better. I therefore render this argument invalid.

Read the rest here.

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