The HHS Mandate, Unborn Life, and the Professionals: A Cog in the Political Machine

Shemer Compfight CC
Shemer Compfight CC

That is not a scientific finding but a semantic game. Obviously, what raises the moral problem of abortion for Hobby Lobby and so many others is that it can destroy an embryonic member of the human species; even ACOG’s brief admits that is a relevant consideration regarding the copper IUD. But the medical establishment (and its friends in the pharmaceutical industry) began changing the definition of “conception” in the 1960s, to equate it with implantation—precisely because evidence was emerging that the new method known as the IUD might prevent implantation, and they wanted to continue calling the IUD a “contraceptive” even if that evidence was correct. Thus, “abortion” was defined to cover only the disruption of an already implanted pregnancy.

The new definition was useful for obstetricians, who have no reliable way to detect a pregnancy until after implantation anyway. It has been especially handy for pro-abortion doctors, who like to see pregnancy as primarily a condition of the woman (and to see abortion as freeing her from that condition). But to embryologists, human development begins with fertilization; implantation in the womb is a change in location for the embryo, but it’s only one stage in development among others. To them, the terms “conception” and “fertilization” mean the same thing. And the last time I checked, embryology is a science.

But ACOG’s word game over “conception,” masquerading as scientific fact, is an old story in the abortion debate. The new and appalling development here is the fact that powerful and once-respected medical organizations are simultaneously insisting that certain birth control methods both do and do nothave post-fertilization effects—based solely on which factual claim will thwart pro-lifers on any given day, or in any given context.

This raises an obvious question: Which of ACOG’s contradictory claims istrue?

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