Recovering the Glory of Motherhood


Children! They take away from your free time, your “me” time, your money, your hobbies, your passions. Children hinder your ability to travel, to be spontaneous, and generally do whatever you want to do. They interrupt your conversations, your reading time, your TV time and your dinner time and even your sleeping time. This is the general view of children in our culture.

Have you heard of McDain’s restaurant in Monroeville, PA.?  This restaurant banned children under six. Seriously, they banned children from eating in their restaurant. Guess what?  The restaurant is doing great. Business is better than ever! This is a pretty clear picture of selfishness combined with a general disdain for little ones.

Here’s some truth: even christian mothers are not immune to struggling with wrong attitudes toward their children.

It is important for us to recognize the root of these attitudes, and to learn how we can effectively push back against them while relying on God’s grace to change our hearts.

At the center of a mother’s struggle with her attitude toward her children is selfishness. Selfishness is easy, selflessness is hard. And being a parent, a good parent, is an act of self-denial. Until we see the connection between following Jesus, denying self, and the honor of motherhood and raising the children entrusted to us, we will struggle with seeing children as something better than a burden.

Let’s be honest: children do take away from our “me time” (whatever that may be). It’s not just tips on motherhood that we need (and we do need tips, advice, help in very practical ways), but we need to be able to address our hearts and minds as mothers.

We need to be reminded of the glory of being a mom.

So what is so glorious about being a mom?

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