The Marriage Vow

In an age when the divorce rate among Christians differs in no respect from that of unbeliever, to the shame of the church, we seem to have forgotten what a vow is. A few years ago, I had the privilege of seeing what it means to an older generation to promise “For better or for worse…”


The story of the marriage of my grandparents is not a happily-ever-after one. My grandfather was an extremely difficult man to live with in his youth – a wild and angry man, a drinker. Then after he repented and settled down, my grandmother suffered repeated cancers and back surgeries. They did not abandon each other through these challenges, though. They did their duty, paid their vows – for themselves, for the Lord, and for us. They have lost almost all of their many siblings to death, helped a daughter through becoming a young widow, and loved and shepherded us all through heartbreaks, health breakdowns and job losses. Now in their eighties, my grandfather has Alzheimers’ and his health has declined to the point that he needs constant help.

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