Stop the War on Boys in Classrooms – Homeschool

Great on many points but we beg to differ on many.

Step one: Homeschool

Boys have little patience for wasting their lives putting in their time and working counter-intuitively to their calling and purpose. Schools are the factory of feminism. Boys who don’t sit well with this are normal. No wonder they are treated like defective girls. 

As girls prosper in a knowledge based environment they lose precious time learning what boys truly are and how to compliment them rather than compete with them. We shouldn’t waste any time thinking about how to make our government classrooms boy friendly. We should homeschool and teach real life skills and how to compliment each other according to God’s divine order.

Boys will read when they are ready, curious, self-motivated by a boyish interest. They’ll turn themselves into readers. Achieving national reading competency levels is a distracting fruitless goal. Teach them how to sound out the words and before you know it they’ll be reading more than you. Good reading goals facilitate real life maturity or putting what he’s read into practice, in real life.

Let boys apply what they read about. They are born with an imagination, let them use it. Let them experiment with boy crafts. Let them trouble shoot and explore their innate desire for conquest, provision, and achievement. Realize that women won’t lead boys into manhood. Men lead boys in manhood. Women guide & influence but mostly help them explore the leadership role they are already fascinated with. Be sure not to belittle them as little men or little egos or compare them to girls as they launch off in directions girls wouldn’t innately take. When they fail maintain confidence in them, praise them for their faithfulness to the task and the worthiness of their mission. Rejoice in their victory and thank them for what they have done.

If you’re a woman don’t compete with them. Inspire them to be challenged by a conquest, to best their own results, or the contest posed by other boys.

Learn how to dress a wound,  salve burns, and sew patches on the knees of their pants.

Learn to love their interests. Teach young ladies how to wrap their lives around the ambitions of their brothers and fathers, being supportive of a world they aren’t inclined to love.

Buy a boy a real gun and teach him responsible gun handling so he doesn’t have to chew his pop-tarts into a gun.

Recess is distracting to the boy who is building his own go cart, tree house, working on proficiency with a bow and arrow or fishing with his own fishing pole and tackle. Playgrounds and recess are great for exercise but it falls short of producing a real-life fruit for your labor like food on the table, shelter, a capable driver etc.

Games which teach logic teach a boy how to think, how to be strategic.

Let boys be boys.


One thought on “Stop the War on Boys in Classrooms – Homeschool

  1. The American Boy’s Handy Book, The Book of Camp-lore and Woodcraft and The Field and Forest Handy Book: New Ideas for Out of Doors, all by Daniel C. Beard, the founder of the British Boy Guides (Boy Scouts) are excellent resources and available from Amazon. I would also recommend Easy – to – Make Old – Fashioned Toys by Jr. Eugene F. Provenzo and Asterie Baker Provenzo, also available from Amazon.


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