The Growth of Homeschooling

homeschool3The News Story – Common Core upsets homeschooling parents

Recent repeal of the Common Core educational standards in Oklahoma was largely backed by support from homeschool advocates.  An ABCNews article explains how the Common Core requires standardised testing in math and English, aimed to better prepare students for college and future careers.  While homeschool and private school curriculum do not need to abide by the Common Core standards, such standards will nonetheless influence the feasibility of using different kinds and sources of instruction and learning.

Home-school advocates expressed concern, and in particular, some “home-schoolers fear that as textbook publishers incorporate the standards, it will lead to a smaller number of non-Common Core based-textbooks.”  Additionally, many worry that “the ACT and the College Board, which owns the SAT, are moving toward aligning with the standards…[which] would leave home-schooling parents no choice other than to follow the standards if they want their kids to do well on the college entrance exams.”

Oklahoma homeschool advocates have currently won the battle to freely educate their children; not all home-school families are so lucky. But recent research indicates that this educational trend is still on the rise, in spite of such efforts to quash the very reasons that parents choose to homeschool.

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One thought on “The Growth of Homeschooling

  1. I don’t have any personal experience with homeschooling one way or the other to comment about it. I have noticed that most homeschooling fathers are at work all day supporting the family, so I am curious as to whether there is any interaction with male role models in the process. I would think that would be especially important with raising boys.


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