Pro-Life Teen Assaulted After Standing for Life, His Reaction is Priceless

witnessStanding up for what you believe in isn’t always easy. Sometimes something unexpected happens, and it’s at that moment you will decide whether or not to change course or continue on. This Monday, our team received a phone call from one of our 17 year-old high school leaders in Alabama who faced that moment this weekend.

While he was at home recovering from his assault, I asked Ke’Ontai to share his story… of how he become an abortion abolitionist and why he has courageously dedicated his life to restoring justice to the preborn and their mothers. This is what he had to say:

One day on my way to a friend’s house, I passed by the abortion facility here in Tuscaloosa, and I saw a lot of people standing outside. At that time, I did not know what was going on. Some people were praying and others had signs that read, “WE ARE PRO-LIFE.” So, I turned around and stopped my car. I wanted to get out to see what was going on, but I was scared. I was just sitting in my car looking around, thinking, “What is going on?” As soon as my mom got home from work that night, I started asking her all kinds questions about abortion, which was something she know nothing about.

About a week later, I was with my brother at the University of Alabama, and I met Claire. She had all of this “Pro-Life” stuff with her and I asked her what it meant. She told me about this place where girls go and get their babies pulled out of them and thrown in the trash. I had learned the truth about abortion.

On my drive home, I was thinking about where I had first seen the word “Pro-Life” and then remembered that it those people must have been standing outside of the abortion facility. When I got home, I cried and told my mom that people were killing babies here in Tuscaloosa.

 Read the rest here

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