Does the Bible Condone Abortion? Clearing Up Misconceptions


Does Exodus 21 teach that the life of an unborn child is unimportant? Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., examines the issue.

“The Bible Condones Abortion.” Several years ago, those words greeted me when I logged on to a local online discussion board, which often focused on biblical issues. This statement intrigued me since I could not recall anything in Scripture that could remotely be taken in such a manner. So I clicked and opened the thread. In support of this claim, the person (let’s call him Bob) cited the account in Exodus 21:22–25, which talks about the consequences of men who were fighting when one of them accidentally struck a pregnant woman.

Before responding to this post, I decided to see if any other Christians had done a good job of refuting Bob’s claim. Sadly, no one had bothered to refute the errors Bob had made. One Christian (let’s call her Molly) attempted to provide an answer but made matters even worse. Molly essentially told Bob that this passage was found in the Old Testament and that Christians just follow the New Testament, which says abortion is wrong.

Read the rest here

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