What is Okay For a Girl to Do?


Quotes from Anna Sofia Botkin

As women we see our lives in terms of helping men with the challenges, quests, wars, and adventures.

We need to be very careful that we don’t pursue a brand of femininity that is so obsessed with it’s own girliness, that it can’t get it’s hands dirty with real dominion.

 Feminism, there is a lot more to that than women who dress up in pinstriped power suits and do man’s work. Essentially feminism is the desire to be autonomous. It’s the desire to be independent from a man and out from under his authority and this is a tendency that even the girliest girl, wearing the frilliest apron, and making the wholesomest muffins can have. If muffin making becomes a girl’s priority over serving her father, in more urgent or useful ways, just because…she really, really likes to make muffins, then her motive is really no different than a feminist’s. And equally dangerous as feminism, is the idea that men and women should live in these pink and blue worlds. Separated by different interests and disconnected goals. Men and women were created to be different and those differences are wonderful, they are glorious. But their distinct complimentary roles should work together towards a common goal.

Women should not live in a woman’s world, but in the common world of mankind. Not as a man, but as a man’s helper. Not stepping outside her role, but understanding her place beside his.

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