Dear Teens, I Do Not Want to Photograph Your Sex Appeal

DSC_0013I have been in photography for six years now, and have noticed a trend over the last few years of senior girls sexualizing themselves in their senior photo sessions.  Their bodies are baring it all in their photo sessions complete with teeny tiny swimsuits in the middle of a snow kissed field, and strappy, barely there pjs sitting on their beds taking selfies with their phones while the photographer shoots at angels as if peeking through their window at night.   Society is teaching teens  to believe that sexy equals beautiful.  That they are one in the same.   Even the most well meaning teens will get in front of my camera and give that certain look in their eyes, hold their mouths in a certain way, and position their bodies in a way that screams, “I got what you want guys”.   They do what they see, wanting to look beautiful, but the body language hardly ever comes off that way.

Girls, sexy is NOT the only way to show your beauty.  You do not have to pose and dress provocatively in pictures to be beautiful.  And you need to make sure that the photographer you work with knows that you will not pose for them in this way.  YOU get to make the choice of how you want your pictures to look, of how you want to be portrayed, not them.   I as a follower of God,  wife, mother, and professional do not want to participate in the over sexualization of our youth because I love you and know you are worth so much more than what the world tells you.

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