The End of a Courtship: One Mother’s Perspective

Wade Morgen Compfight CC
Wade Morgen Compfight CC

Step back in time for a moment to your college biology class.  You were a good student. You read the text; you attended every class; you took notes, despite the prof’s hypnotic drone. You were going to rock this class.

Then you went to the lab. And try as you might, you could find nothing under the microscope that even remotely resembled the beautiful drawing in the book. The TA rolled her eyes at your stunning ignorance. You responded, with an indignant hand on your hip, “Not even Isaac Newton could locate the paramecium on this slide!” The textbook was one thing; the lab was another.

Enter the World of Courtship. There are some mighty fine textbooks out there (Her Hand in Marriage by Doug Wilson, What He Must Be by Voddie Bauchum, Boy Meets Girl by Josh Harris…). But even Doug, Voddie, and Josh can’t accurately predict your experience.

Courtship is not scientific; it is organic, and it involves organic creatures. Above all the lessons listed below, the overarching, number one lesson we learned is that no two families will have the same approach to courtship. And that is perfectly okay; it just never occurred to us. No one has written The Book on courtship because every courtship is as individual as the individuals involved.  So, too, I cannot here document The Truth about courtship; I can merely share the lessons we’ve learned this time around.

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