How Serious Are Birth Control Pill Side Effects?


Birth control is a pretty touchy subject nowadays and most people avoid talking about the issue altogether. Unfortunately, whenever the topic is brought up on a statewide or national level, it usually centers on women’s rights and religious persuasion.

Although both of these topics are significant and valid, the focus has completely shifted away from whether or not “the pill” is safe or dangerous to use. As you’re about to see, birth control side effects can be serious and are very common.

To complicate the issue, women are brought up in a society today, which believes that it’s completely safe to take the pill, and many are even prescribed it by their medical doctor to regulate menstrual cycles, balance hormone levels, and treat acne.

More than 300 million women worldwide take the pill every day and, according to a 2011 survey, 14% of women use it for reasons other than for pregnancy prevention. Just think about it:

What healthy woman requires pharmaceutical intervention to maintain hormone balance and menstrual regularity? 


Any woman “requiring” drugs to help her body with normal physiological function is not healthy at all. They are in dire need of a natural health care provider that will evaluate them holistically, and help manage the root cause of their issue; not just push birth control on them!

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