The Politics of Feminism


The politics of feminism are reported as sick and one sided in the coverage by on the story of two young women who assault, bully, and sexually manipulate an autistic young man. (for mature readers only) 

Part of Rosin’s argument relies on the fact that Michael defends his two attackers.  How bad could it have been if he still wants to be friends with them, right?  Of course, this is by no means uncommon among victims of rape and abuse.  Women excuse the behavior of their abusers all the time, brushing it off as unintentional and insisting that “he didn’t mean it”.  By Rosin’s standards, we should just take them at their word and let it go.  Or is that only the case when the victim is a male?  She is justifying truly sadistic behavior of two girls that took advantage of, assaulted, and almost killed a boy with a disability, solely because he is a boy, questioning whether or not they should even be prosecuted.

This sickening logic is what passes for feminism today, apparently.  Girls can feel free to viciously attack and assault someone and the feminists will excuse and defend it — so long as the victim is a boy.

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