A War on Young Women and Children

By Jennifer Lahl

I remember years ago being on The Montel Williams Show when the topic was “extreme baby-making.” I was pitted against women who had gone through many forms of assisted reproductive technologies in order to conceive. And, of course, there was the reproductive endocrinologist who offered her expert voice in favor of “advances in science and medicine.” I had the daunting task of being the lone voice of concern and critique — a hard duty given all of the pain, grief, and desperation of people struggling to conceive.

One woman on the show had left America to have a child using the three-parent embryo method. She was now raising, in her description, a happy and healthy child and was making the case for this technology to be available here. When asked why she went to such an extreme as to use experimental technology in a foreign country, she explained how she wanted to have a child who would at least have some of her DNA. I recall feeling horrified that she was so desperate and selfish as to subject her future child to untested human experimentation. The news that there has been no follow-up, until now, of the children conceived through the three-parent method comes as no surprise.

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