Is Marriage a Form of Prostitution?

By Angela Shanahan at Mercatornet

The tired old ideas of ageing feminists are being discredited by a younger generation.

When I heard that an Australian social commentator called Jane Caro had compared “traditional” marriage to prostitution on the popular TV program Q&A, I thought, “Oh, here we go again!” That trope of feminist literature is almost as raddled as the raddled old feminists themselves. After pushing the marriage-as-slavery ideology for the last 40 years, can’t people like Caro come up with something more original?

Instead, when asked about prostitution, Caro gave us her weird dissertation on marriage as a form of prostitution, in which “room and board” are bartered for “sexual and reproductive services”. Jane, darling! Whether it was 500 years ago, 50 years ago or now, it’s called having a family.

Read the rest here 

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