The Life and Death of This Baby is Changing The Abortion Debate


Alistair and Emily Caines are showing the world that every life has purpose, every life has meaning, no matter how short. Their daughter, Adeline Caines, living just 24 weeks from gestation to delivery has testified to the world that we’ve been lied to in the worst way. That we can kill and suffer no consequences.

We have believed for far to long, “Our will be done” (Pro. 6:17) when God has said, “Thou Shalt have no other gods before me”. (Deut. 5:7) Adeline Caines came to tell us that.

We have believed for far to long that we have no obligation to others (Num. 35:1, Matt. 22:37-40), but that others are obligated to us (Matt. 7:12, Rom. 13:8-10) Adeline Caines came to tell us that.

(LiveActionNews) — Tiny Adelaide Caines lived only one hour after birth, but her parents are hoping their precious daughter’s life and death will change the face of the abortion debate in the United Kingdom. Literally.

On December 27, 2013, Emily Caines, 24 weeks pregnant at the time, began to bleed heavily and was rushed to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. The medical center there had a special unit for premature babies, something Emily and her husband Alistair hoped could save their little girl’s life. Emily had already lost her first daughter, Isobelle, in 2011, due to preterm labor which began at 23 weeks, so the couple had rejoiced when Emily’s second pregnancy made it to the 24 week mark.

Reaching 24 weeks gestation meant this time, medical professionals would be obligated to attempt to save their baby’s life if any complications arose. When Emily made it to that mark, she and Alistair purchased a little outfit and stuffed animal for their unborn daughter, and felt hope rising.

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One thought on “The Life and Death of This Baby is Changing The Abortion Debate

  1. I am a NICU nurse and I look after tiny, tiny babies every day… and this baby is not tiny-tiny. I don’t understand why they said that their smallest breathing tubes were too big when I, personally, have looked after babies far smaller than this, even one who was 12 ounces who lived and did well. It is a tragedy that one baby should be called a miscarriage when she was only a week younger than her sister. I fully believe that life begins at conception and my prayers are with this family, that God will comfort them in their great sorrow.

    I also want to add that there are good reasons why doctors usually won’t resuscitate under 24 weeks. At that age every day really does make a difference and the refusal to resuscitate is usually because the doctors have to admit that they aren’t omnipotent. Sometimes there really is nothing we can do and from experience we know that we have to accept some things as God’s will. I don’t want to upset anybody and I know that there are exceptions and terrible doctors out there, I am speaking generally. As a nurse, we would do anything we could to save your babies.

    Premature babies have so much to teach us. When you hold their little hands, calm their cries, get to know their unique personalities you learn that every baby, no matter what age, is an individual. They don’t suddenly become people at 24 weeks.


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