Video: NYC Art Exhibit Exposes Horrors of Forced Abortions in China

A new art exhibit opening tonight at the China Institute in New York City sheds light on the monumental human rights issues presented by China’s ongoing one-child policy — in which over 40 million pre-born girls in China have been aborted “due to the preference parents give to having a son” as artist Prune Nourry explains.

CNN reporter Flora Zhang interviews Nourry on her art exhibit entitled “Terracotta Daughters”

“‘Terracotta Daughters’ is a project about sex-selective abortions in India and China, which are one-third of the world’s population,” says Nourry. “There is this huge imbalance between boys and girls. So I created this army as a kind of symbol.”

The statues were modeled after eight orphan girls she met and photographed through The Children of Madaifu, an “orphanage without walls” with several locations throughout China. By selling the project’s initial eight sculptures, today Nourry “supports the education of these eight little girls for a minimum of three years.”

Read the rest here

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