Mom Refuses Abortion After Her Water Breaks at 16 Weeks. Her Baby Survives!

Mother Katy Evans was only 16 weeks pregnant when her waters unexpectantly broke. When she and her husband arrived at the hospital she was diagnosed with preterm pre-labor rupture of membranes, a condition that caused amniotic fluid to drain from her womb. Doctors told Katy and her husband that their precious baby had only a 1% chance of survival and she was encouraged to abort. But the loving parents refused!

“I told her that no, I didn’t want an abortion. I said that I wanted nature to take its course.” Katy said.

While on bed-rest, Katy spent her time researching her condition and remaining positive about her outcome.

“I joined Facebook support groups on my phone, read medical papers and exchanged messages with other moms. I discovered that, in reality, there seemed to be a much higher rate of survival in these cases than the one per cent figure from official statistics. That gave me hope.”

Read the rest here 

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