Gaining Perspective: The Real War on Women

Amanda Truss /clash Compfight cc
Amanda Truss /clash Compfight cc

We’re doing to ourselves what women are being forced to do in countries like China and India. This article is helpful for gaining perspective for what we can expect the effects of this mass genocide will cost us. Women’s health concerns (ie death, cancer, infertility), demographic anomalies, not to mention brutally unlawful atrocities committed against a citizenry. The voices of women crying out for their rights in these countries are no different that the silent screams in the womb.

Reggie Littlejohn from TWI Public Discourse writes:

Together, China and India comprise one third of the world’s population. That one third of the world’s women are deprived of their right to bear girls is the biggest women’s rights abuse on earth. It is a woman’s right to choose to give birth to her daughters. This is the true War on Women, and it deserves a passionate response from groups that stand for women’s rights.

And these problems are not confined to China and India. Female feticide happens in the United States and Canada in numbers significant enough to distort gender ratios. This is discrimination against women in its most violent form.

Every struggling mother in China and India deserves help to keep her daughter. Together, we can end forced abortion and gendercide and sweep these atrocities against women into the dung heap of history, where they belong.

Read the rest here

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