Will Egg Freezing Liberate Women?


No. No it won’t. We’re freezing our children, risking their lives, and planning to live out our youth in our old age. The logic escapes me. There really is nothing that will anesthetize our guilt for pursing our own selfish ends. No price will cover it. A great article on truth about egg freezing exploitation.

NBC News announced that the tech companies, Apple and Facebook, are now covering the cost of egg freezing for their female employees. The story reads like a press release for the assisted reproductive technology (ART) industry, avoiding any mention of high failure rates or potential health risks to infants born from an egg frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Unlike previous services offered to actual patients experiencing fertility challenges, egg freezing is now being marketed to perfectly healthy young women as the next best thing since the invention of the Pill.

But what most employers don’t know is that even the “new and improved” flash freezing method–-known as vitrification–-has a 77 percent failure rate among women age 30, and in women age 40 the failure rate is 91 percent. With this kind of poor track record, employers should think twice before investing in procedures that, down the line, may very well harm the physical and mental health of their female employees––and their company’s productivity.

Read the rest here

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