UK Readers – How to Work from Home

For many, working from home is a step to coming home. For others it’s the ideal family arrangement to have Daddy’s office right down the hallway and wives can help with that. Integrated family life adds so many benefits for raising children. Here in the US the tax benefits out weigh employee status by far. Here’s a great “how to” for our UK readers. Enjoy.

There is a good reason why 60% of all new businesses are started up from home these days – it’s free, it’s convenient and it requires minimal organisation. Technology has allowed us to have powerful devices and run SaaS every bit as efficient as those used by large corporates, there need be nothing to suggest to the outside world that your global multi-market company is actually run from your spare bedroom.There are currently approx. 2.8 million home business in the UK, between them generating a combined annual turnover of approx. £284 billion, working from home has never been more popular.

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