Public School Officials Harass Homeschoolers In West Virginia

By Mike Donnelly of HSLDA

GoodNCrazy Compfight CC
GoodNCrazy Compfight CC

The homeschooling community in Ritchie County has grown fast, and officials concerned with funding impacts have apparently ordered a campaign to persuade parents to put their kids back in public school.

Ed Toman, Ritchie County superintendent of schools, allegedly ordered members of his staff to contact homeschoolers to convince them that they should re-enroll their children in his school system. Reports indicate that county homeschooling families are getting calls from officials who have questioned parents’ competency and asked questions like “what can we do to get your kids back in school?”

Some homeschooling parents who spoke with HSLDA and requested anonymity described a pattern of intimidation or harassment.

“I’ve received several calls from the school district,” one HSLDA member family said. “One family told me that they had gotten so many calls at their place of employment that their work supervisor was asking questions about the calls.”

“Some families who met at the start of the year with counselors about homeschooling were told teachers would lose their jobs because their kids were being homeschooled. They didn’t seem at all interested in the fact that parents were leaving the system because they were fed up with problems,” she continued. “I told the school district that they were misusing our private information and that we wouldn’t stand for them infringing our rights to homeschool.”

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