A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Birth-Control-pf-300x225Loads of information here! An excellent article!

This spring marks the 55th birthday of the birth control pill, championed by many, then and now, as the “best-thing-since-sliced-bread” solution to unplanned pregnancy, child abuse, overpopulation, and marital stress. After more than half a century of living with “the Pill,” however, many facts have emerged that paint a far less pretty picture.

Regarding this last reason, the late Dr. John Billings of Australia—who along with his physician-wife Evelyn, pioneered one the first methods of natural fertility regulation—once recounted that he saw firsthand as a young physician how contraception harmed marriages:

When we say, ‘I do not want your fertility any more,’ or ‘I will not give you my fertility anymore,’ we’re damaging the marriage. The withdrawal of this gift tends to destroy marriages. I was shocked to notice, from the earliest days of my work, to see how marital infidelity in one—or both—of the spouses often followed the introduction of contraception or sterilization.

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