Preparing Sons For The Future

By R.C. Sproul Jr. of Highland Ministries

Steve Koukoulas Compfight CC
Steve Koukoulas Compfight CC

Don’t follow the folly of the world.

An excellent question. Too often we in the church follow the folly of the world in taking a passive approach to the future. We tend to believe all we have to do is show up, and if things don’t work out well for us, it must be the system’s fault. Another key error we have embraced from the world is this notion — that if we acquire specialized skills we will be able to provide for our families. Such thinking often leads to violating the first principle of sound stewardship — never spend more than you make. The standard American plan is to send our children off to college, borrow tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for it, and hope for a good job that will allow the debt to be paid off upon graduation. Sometimes it works, but you’d likely be better off blowing the money on blackjack at a casino.

Teach them good character

So what can we do? The Bible doesn’t say that wealth comes from acquiring specialized skills. It says it comes from character. A man who is diligent in his work will do well, whatever the circumstances. A man with a passion to love, and therefore serve his neighbor, will do well, whatever the circumstances. A man who is able to delay gratification, to work now, play later, will do well, whatever the circumstances. My goal as a father is toraise my children, all of them, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. And that leads to character.

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