How Courting a Man Ruined Me


When Mack first told me he wanted to be more than friends, my initial reaction was “Not gonna happen.” That’s mostly because I’d never dated. Anyone. Like ever. And I’ve never wanted to. I was protecting my heart. I’d watched my friends date, watched their hearts get broken and continue the cycle. For me, I didn’t want to date someone unless I knew I could possibly marry him. And I had to be in that place to want to be married, too. So until everything fell into place, I would be single, happy and content.

Then Mack came along. And he was cute. Charming. A follower of Christ. On the first day we met, we were playing Phase 10 with a bunch of friends. During the game, we all started talking about God, and I realized I really respected him, unlike any man I’d ever met. His opinions were well thought out and deeply rooted in the Bible.

From that day on, the boy kept hanging around. A month later when he asked me out to lunch to talk, I knew what was coming. My defenses shot up, and I stayed up all night asking God to give me the words to let him down easy. I figured he’d run away after finding out that I didn’t want to date someone without the intention to marry. That would be the deal breaker.

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