The Biblical Principles of Household Economy

By Ron Kirk at

R Stanek Compfight CC
R Stanek Compfight CC

As our virtuous wife works, “she perceives and considers.” In other words, she applies intelligence to her work. Economy requires intelligence and wisdom. Intelligence and wisdom are also economic commodities, gained by economic application of one’s mind, learning one’s lessons early and well.

She is generous. Webster notes that good economy does not equal parsimony or stinginess. Greediness and stinginess are not elements of Biblical economy. Contrary to liberal myth, the generous investment required of and the philanthropy typical of capitalism exclude parsimony and greed. In other words, good economy does not mean being cheap. Stinginess lacks faith because it inhibits investment! God distributes gifts (and therefore wealth) individually as He wills. To most, God assigns the production of wealth. To some, He assigns certain ministries which require external support. The church ministry is one such. Educational work is another. These works, while not materially productive in themselves, provide an intellectual and character foundation for liberty and wealth. Accordingly, under the Mosaic Law, the Levites administered the tithe collected locally. In turn, the Levites tithed to support the centralized priesthood. Today there remains inequity between those who collect wealth and those who sacrifice to serve God. The one is supposed to serve the other, as wealth ought to be capital for the Kingdom. Moreover, generosity toward the needy is a basic element of Biblical faith ( e.g., Isaiah 58). How can God reward avarice? As opposed to the false generosity of today’s liberalism, parents must teach their children wise and godly generosity.

Some final recommendations: Practice good economy in the order and government of the home as preparation for increasing wealth outside the home. Include children in learning and practicing good economy. Give everyone household responsibilities to fulfill; do not indulge the children. Teach a habit for regularity in assigned work and attention to detail. Discover personal gifts through an application to education as a life-long pursuit. Work hard to accomplish the best possible with the gifts and interests God has granted. Make excellence, because of the excellence of Christ in us, our ultimate goal. Choose an area of industry which matches personal gifts to contribute toward fulfilling a societal need. Make the investments necessary to fill that need such that you may enjoy some return from your investment. Be diligent and persevering. Walk by faith. Never give up on the Lord. Never lean on your own understanding. Start small and let growth be organic. (Do not try to make a killing [Pr. 23:4, 5]). Beware of the temptations of wealth. Heed all God’s warnings over the deceit of riches. Do a word study in Proverbs of the word rich and related words.

God will reward family economic enterprise undertaken by faith and with His glory as our purpose.

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