Today’s Feminist, Wendy Davis and Gynecism

Editor’s Note: Some clarification. Wendy Davis is a feminist, with a specific agenda so liberal and so replete with everything we stand against. The lies are endless. Obama has her back.  The author supports feminism as a wholesome standard for all women, ensuring even religious liberty. This is an unfortunate mistake. Gynecisism and feminism are one in the same. Also, we will be judged by God for our ‘weaknesses’. If we haven’t learned by now that personal ethic or lack there of is indicative of a politician’s ethic, forming public policy etc. then we deserve what we have.

Other than that this article is excellent insight into what you’re voting against today. Stop Wendy Davis and those like her.

wendydavis – Davis exposed as fraud

From the article,

Gynecism promotes the political position that the primary and most essential power a female can hold is the control of her own sexual and genital functions. Gynecism sexualizes and sexually empowers girls and women throughout the lifespan and insists upon the absolute and sole right of a pregnant female to terminate her own pregnancy at any point. Some gynecists believe infanticide is also the right of the mother.

Because gynecism is a dimension of socialism, Wendy Davis’ story has a subtext of a failed family being replaced by a protective socialist state. By 1963, the year Wendy Davis was born, the suggestion that a bright, ambitious girl would lack access to higher education was simply absurd. In fact, the wide-eyed Wendy had already attended the University of Texas at Arlington when a nurse handed her the stunning pamphlet that “changed my life.” It was about becoming a paralegal. Sanctified marriage and family are the principle threats to socialism in general and gynecism in particular. Wendy Davis’ narrative transfers credit away from her family to the public sphere, in our heroine’s case, the nurse’s earth-shattering pamphlet. The current Wikipedia article about Ms. Davis identifies four areas of her political positions: 1) abortion rights, 2) gun control 3) lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender rights, and 4) marijuana rights.

Gynecism presupposes every female, even girls in the early teen years, has a built-in decisional capacity regarding sexual activity and pregnancy termination. Just a little sex ed and she knows what will be right for her now and for the rest of her life. This is crazy and cruel. The grave responsibility for committing justifiable homicide, such as in war and criminal punishment, is designed to be shared as widely as possible through group moral heritage and democratic legal process. Gynecism isolates the girl or woman at a vulnerable moment and tells her, “You’re on your own, what are you going to do?”

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