Fetal Surgery on Live Human Babies

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If a Fetus is Just a “Clump of Cells” Explain These Unborn Babies Getting Surgery in the Womb.

The first open fetal surgery – to correct a dangerously advanced urinary tract infection – was performed in 1981. Over thirty years ago, Harrison and Adzick, at least, knew that they were not operating on some non-sentient clump of cells. These are babies, with the sort of medical problems that affect the rest of us, needing care as we all do.

Yet pro-abortion activists and groups still get away with the canard that babies “become human” only once they’re born. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards claimed that her own children were not alive until she delivered them – both from the womb and, presumably, from a gruesome death, thank goodness. NARAL rails that “a zygote is not a baby.” RH Reality check takes great semantic pains to obfuscate the issue.

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