I’m Changing My Mind This Year

change-your-mind[Editor’s Note: Biblical womanhood is built on this practice. If you’ve visited us much you have found we’re constantly pointing to the failings of feminism. It’s helpful to debunk the myths, lies, half-truths by which feminists have shaped our culture. But it’s not enough. Biblical womanhood is built on Christ. The foolish stray by leaving off the knowledge of Him but the wise embrace wisdom. (Prov. 8, Psalm 92:13, Matt. 7:24, Acts 17:11)]

The beginning of a New Year is an an excellent time to try something new. As you make your list of resolutions and goals I want to recommend adding a simple four step process that could transform your life by, quite literally, changing your mind.

After reading the entire post the vast majority of readers will snicker at such a hyperbolic claim and never implement the method I outline. A smaller number will consider the advice intriguing, my assertion only a slight exaggeration, but will also never implement the method. A tiny minority, however, will recognize the genius behind the process and apply it to their own life. This group will later say that my claim was an understatement.

This post is written for those people.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Changing My Mind This Year

  1. I would have to say this is true. However it is not like the transformation seen in the latest diet plan. In fact if you do this once you will need to do it more to finish the job.

    I mean you won’t be able to live out your vision with just one book. I read and reread Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, probably not even 20 times, with a view towards economics.

    I see so much of life in a whole new light. I think I need to reread and focus on time management. I have yet to be able to put feet on all the new things I discovered.


  2. Thanks for posting this! Recently, someone I love and very much admire told me that repeated reading of the Bible was good but not necessarily necessary. This person said something like, “it’s really great to know your history but your time would be better spent getting to know God (meaning, getting to know him through prayer) and by living out your Christianity through service.” Now, it’s possible that I read something into that that was not intended…but I’ve been going over and over that for several weeks now and trying to work it out in my own mind. Reading this article, I came across this Scripture that set it all straight for me: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.” Then a friend said, “Prayer is our expressions of worship and fellowship with God. His Word is Him teaching, correcting, & training us. He does fellowship with us in prayer, but as a Rabbi, the Bible is the textbook.” Good stuff!


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