The Art of Manliness: Lesson #6 Don’t Be Afraid to Start a Family

[Editor’s note: This is a very rich history full of wisdom and insight into what makes a lasting marriage. Read to the end. You’ll love every bit of it!]

“[My marriage] was much the most fortunate and joyous event which happened to me in the whole of my life.” -WC
Of the many “contradictions” of Churchill’s life, one of the most interesting is that while he loved high-flying adventure, and relished danger, risk, and excitement, he was also, as a friend put it, “tremendously domestic.” Nothing gave him more happiness and satisfaction than his family, and while he loved traveling the world, he could sincerely say that “A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted.”

Yet the more one looks at his life, the less contradictory these two impulses seem. Not only was Churchill’s family life an adventure in and of itself, but it in fact made possible his other escapades and accomplishments.

Churchill was 34 years old when he got hitched. Making it with the ladies hadn’t been high on his list of priorities as a youth; he had far too many other interests, ambitions, and adventures to which to attend. He had sought marriage and courted a few women to be sure, but they had not returned his advances, until at last he found himself talking to one Clementine Hozier at a dinner party in March 1908. They had met briefly four years earlier; this time they fell for each other.

Clementine left shortly after the party for a trip abroad, and a smitten Churchill wrote to tell her “how much I liked our long talk on Sunday and what a comfort and pleasure it was to me to meet a girl with so much intellectual quality and strong reserves of noble sentiment.” This letter was followed by many other affectionate missives, to which Clementine responded in kind.

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