Gendercide: When Does Gender Equality Begin?

Jason_corey Compfight CC
Jason_corey Compfight CC

[Editor’s Note: This article is revealing. Spin and manipulation have long been tools of the abortion industry. Claiming to be pro-woman, new legislation against gendercide poses a real problem for the abortion community as they continue with their facade.]

The impositions that some immigrant women suffer [under which stem] from their communities are often shocking to their Western sisters. These practices range from burquas [and] female genital mutilation to forced marriages and honour killings. It is obvious that the women concerned are not happy with some of these practices either, and appreciate laws in their adopted country that ban the most harmful [practices], as well as campaigns of women’s rights groups to roll back the [other destructive practices].

But in one form of coercion it seems they [remain] on their own, and that is the pressures arising from son preference and the ready availability of abortion. In Britain, for example, the selective aborting of female foetuses is largely hidden and both government officials and many health professionals dispute that it is even occurring. That’s partly because “gender abortions” are illegal, although some groups deny even that.

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