How ‘Big Abortion’ is losing


Editor’s note: Glad to see a feminist turning around. I hope she arrives at a full understanding of God’s intentions are for women. Something she says stands out and so I want to comment on it. “Rather than structure society around the wombless, unencumbered male, ought not society be structured around those who, in addition to being able to do all that men can do, can also bear life?” Society isn’t structured around men. It’s structured around the purposes man and women are called to serve together for the glory of God. Or it’s supposed to be. Do we really believe that this is what it comes down to? Us against them? Or is there something greater than both of us put together that gives our lives meaning, component purposes, and direction where in we find that we fit together though different to serve that end? This is why feminism must come to an end. It ushers in policy, social structure, bio-ethical nightmares, etc. which undermine the bigger picture. Feminism is about self-interest and so it coincides that socialism is the power structure to assure her every dream. From Mercatornet:

The truth and the lies have become clearer.

Vast numbers of young people turning out for the March for Life in Washington DC, other such rallies across the US, and in the groups, operations, organizations and services dedicated to daily outreach and care for women and children, are survivors of the Roe generation. They’ve lost siblings, classmates and peers, some even their own child in a surprise and unintended pregnancy, and they know the toll it has taken on them, their parents, families and society. They’re the most life loving, fiercely determined, committed and outspoken generation of pro-life activists. Abortion activists saw that years ago, the evidence that their generation was dying off as a natural consequence of devaluing human life and motherhood and the natural bond between the generations.

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